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Monday, 18 February 2013

A week in the life of a college student...

The last two weeks have been pretty quiet. We've all been busy studying our hearts out to get our last assignments in and to study for finals - they call it dead week for a reason!
I've still been hanging out with my friends and taking naps in between class like usual but we haven't been going out as much and we haven't organised anything in terms of going away because there just isn't time (also, spring break starts next week and we're heading to Hawaii! But that's another post). So in this blog I thought I'd just share some photos with you. I've decided to keep it local and all the pics you'll see are from Bellingham or surrounds - just to give you a better idea of where I'm living. I'm sure I could spend this whole blog talking about how much homework and study I have to do right now but that's not nearly as exciting. So, here's a look at B'ham!

The view from my apartment balcony. I live in Birnam Wood which is student housing but it's like a little apartment. You have a kitchen, bathroom and living area. I share with 3 other girls - 2 people per room.

One of the uni halls where classes are held

Fairhaven Village - it's very quirky and cute. We spend a fair bit of time here.  It helps to know what time the last bus is - you'll save yourself a bit of a walk.
Playing in the snow - it was -15 degrees Celsius! 

The bay. My suite mate Kelly took me down here not long after I'd arrived in Bellingham.

More snow - I got really excited about it and took quite a few pics!

One of the uni halls

Jess, Valentina and I bowling with the other international students and their buddies. Check out our super awesome shoes!

Bellingham Bay on a clear day. This is taken from near the dining hall on campus.

The library. There's a room called The Harry Potter room because it looks a bit like Hogwarts. Unfortunately it's a quiet study room so I didn't get a photo of it. I preferred to study on the sky bridge.

Part of campus - another side of the library.

Clayton beach - we did a roomie trip and spent the day at the beach, exploring. It was glorious!

Walking down to clayton beach reminds me of New Zealand.

Around town
Our first dinner all together - On Rice at Fairhaven

Around campus - I found a mammoth outside one of the uni halls

Where I lived for six months
My apartment - these little signs come in super handy when you're still trying to remember what apartment is yours.

My desk when I first moved in - I decorated it more as the semester went on.
I hope you enjoyed your tour of Bellingham. Look out for my next posts which I promise will have some more info in there - that is if I get through the next two weeks. Finals week is just around the corner. I'm off,  come back and visit soon y'all hear!

Love Danielle xx

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